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15th Annual Friends of the Poor Walk

One of the most important fund raising events for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is coming up soon....the Friends of the Poor walk.  The event takes place at Cedar Creek Park in Wantagh on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023.

Please consider helping our conference by making a donation today.  If you are interested in supporting us by walking you can register here.


The funds that are raised from this event will go to help neighbors in need here at St. James in Seaford!  Thank you for your generosity!

Members of St. James conference at the 75th gala event for St. Vincent de Paul Long Island Council

The Society on Long Island

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Long Island was founded in 1948 and is comprised of 58 Conferences (volunteer groups), 3 Thrift Stores, 13 Food Pantries, and 2 Transitional Housing Programs. We serve over 200,000 people annually through a myriad of direct services that help people overcome hardship.

The Long Island Council supports the charitable works of its Conferences in Nassau and Suffolk County, and also links Conferences with the National and International Councils to learn from each other and to allow Society members to respond to worldwide needs.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Family Assistance Program offers families in crisis the financial aid they need to ease some of their monthly financial burdens, and take the steps they need to get back on their feet. By helping families with their financial obligations, they are able to gradually pull themselves out of their mounting debt. In fact, in most cases, families receiving this assistance will only require a one-time payment to get their bills up-to-date, after which they are caught up and able to manage their household needs again.


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, U.S.A.

The Society's nearly 100,000 trained volunteers in the United States provided 17.5 million hours of volunteer service in 2016, helping more than 20.9 million people through visits to homes, prisons and hospitals at a value of more than $1 billion dollars.

Visit the Society of St, Vincent de Paul's website by clicking below to learn more.

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